Hey, my name is Tristan, a 21-year-old film enthusiast. Media has always captivated me. I remember my Dad always assigned me the role of the photographer, on family holidays and outings. I loved letting my creative mind go wild, as I ran from location to location with my Dad’s digital point and shoot. My first attempt at experiencing editing software was when my brother introduced me to iMovie. He showed me some basic skills and I instantly fell in love with the ingenuity of the program.
Studying TV and Film Production in college really opened my eyes to some amazing opportunities where I was able to develop this passion and evolve my skills. I’ve always been into technology, but it was during my college years where I found my niche that is film equipment. I am still mesmerised by the vast amount gear that is available in the industry. From Stedicams to the latest RED cameras, I have idealised those who have the dexterity to wield these magnificent tools. The course also taught me how vital pre- production is in film, so I was motivated to increase my knowledge of these methods. It is with this motivation that enabled me to achieve a distinction for my final grade.
 I feel as though my strength lies in editing, and camera work, since my experience in these roles have been strongly developed. These are areas of which I would like continually excel in, whilst expanding my analytical knowledge of film.
I hope you enjoy viewing and experiencing my work. If you have any enquiries, drop me a message. I am always open to any questions, project opportunities or any learning experiences. I truly look forward to hearing from you.

 Tristan Kassam :D